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Cloverleaf Insurance Blog: 11_2011

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Don´t Drink And Drive! Besides the obvious risk of injury, death, and property damage, you should avoid a DUI at all costs!Did you know?• Drinking and Driving is a Criminal Offense? This means you will be punished by much more than a speeding ticket. You could face jail time! READ MORE >>

When the road conditions are icy, try to prevent winter car accidents!It is dangerous when you drive and in a hurry but it is more so when there is snow and ice present on the road. Drivers can see snow and ice but they do not always drive with enough caution to prevent an accident. READ MORE >>

Despite these harsh economic times, parents have a single-minded goal this Christmas—to make this the best one ever for their children. Among the standard list of gadgetry on wish lists this Christmas is the smart phone. These miniature but powerful devices are equipped with games, ringtones and a multitude of applications, or apps. READ MORE >>

The Indiana State Police are now using a new technology reader camera ($22,000 each) that will track thousands of Indiana drivers who are driving without a license. The new camera technology, equipped with the license plate reader software, can automatically check the status of drivers. READ MORE >>

At Cloverleaf Insurance Agency  1-800-530-5822, we are the Illinois Independent Insurance Agent who works for you not the insurance company. A shocking number of people overpay for car insurance without realizing it.  At Cloverleaf Insurance, we are not limited to a single Illinois car insurance company. READ MORE >>

With the change in season it is important to check out your appliances and heating systems now in order to help prevent unnecessary repairs when you need those systems. Plumbing and heating systems are like any other machinery; they require some basic maintenance to keep them functioning properly. READ MORE >>

Cloverleaf Insurance Agency  1-800-530-5822  can find you huge automobile insurance discounts with ease. They know where to look and you start saving instantly. Here are different ways to help you get the cheapest auto insurance online: READ MORE >>

Smart car insurance shoppers are discovering that can save up to 50% on auto insurance with Cloverleaf Insurance Agency  1-800-530-5822 by comparing online before committing to a coverage provider. Shopping for car insurance online has become common because it makes it simple to shop around for the best price. READ MORE >>

Why use an Independent Insurance Agent? A shocking number of people overpay for car insurance without realizing it.  At Cloverleaf Insurance Agency, we are the Independent Insurance Professional who works for you not the insurance company. At Cloverleaf Insurance, we are not limited to a single insurance company’s plans. READ MORE >>

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