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Cloverleaf Insurance Blog: illinois home insurance

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When purchasing homeowners insurance, how do you make sure all of your belongings are covered under your policy? It’s time to clear your afternoon and open a fresh spreadsheet! Tedious as it may sound, the only way to accurately estimate the value of your belongings is to make a complete list of them, known as a home inventory. READ MORE >>

Owning a home is a big investment and in order to protect that investment, it’s recommended that you perform an inspection each year to check for potential problems. It’s much cheaper and easier to fix small problems before they grow and become more noticeable. READ MORE >>

With summer heat just around the corner, many people are anticipating the frequent use of their air conditioning system. What would happen, however, if your system were to break down during the hot months? Would you be able to afford the cost of repairing or replacing it? READ MORE >>

With the change in season it is important to check out your appliances and heating systems now in order to help prevent unnecessary repairs when you need those systems. Plumbing and heating systems are like any other machinery; they require some basic maintenance to keep them functioning properly. READ MORE >>

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