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Cloverleaf Insurance Blog: illinois sr22 insurance

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Even with today’s vehicles growing safer, car accidents remain a top cause of death in America. However, you can make the road a safer place by driving with safety in mind. Try the following tips to exercise caution while driving: 1.       Buckle up: Seat belts are designed to keep you in your seat during a collision. READ MORE >>

SR-22 insurance is commonly referred to as car insurance for DUI offenders, high-risk auto insurance or DUI car insurance. It is a crucial addendum to an auto insurance policy for traffic offenders. For example, when you are caught driving under the influence, lacking proper insurance documents o... READ MORE >>

All states require drivers to be able to show proof of financial responsibility. Most states simplify the procedure by requiring auto insurance. Non-standard drivers may have trouble fulfilling this requirement and need high risk auto insurance. There is no neat legal description of a non-standard driver, and states may have different requirements. READ MORE >>

At Cloverleaf Insurance Agency 1-800-530-5822, we’re going the extra mile to make car insurance easier than ever. Like with our new, easy-to-navigate website designed to offer you 24/7 convenience with a wide range of services. Make a car insurance payment online. READ MORE >>

SR-22 is not insurance, but it is a document that an auto insurance company will file on behalf of an individual that states financial responsibility or liability coverage. Let's have a look at some common questions asked about Illinois SR22 insurance.What Is SR-22 Insurance? READ MORE >>

As a driver, if you do not have a negative driving history, you are eligible for standard auto insurance coverage. Drivers who do not have clean driving records, however, may be forced to go for Illinois SR22 insurance. READ MORE >>

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