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Cloverleaf Insurance Blog: insurance rates

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Going for a Drive? Mind Your Feet! Before turning the ignition of your car and driving around town, there are a few steps you should take. Ensure you have your license, registration and proof of insurance should something wrong happen? Of course. Put on sunglasses to protect your eyes and reduce the chances of a vision-impaired crash? READ MORE >>

Traffic violations are never a good thing. They are expensive, negatively impact driving records, and can add to the cost of car and motorcycle insurance.   The demerit point system Most states, but not all of them, operate on a points system regarding the status of a driver’s license. READ MORE >>

Protecting Your Motorcycle Against Theft   According to National Insurance Crime Bureau statistics, motor vehicle thefts are on the rise, and among the vehicles being targeted are motorcycles. It’s one thing to have your property stolen, but if it is something you love and have become attached to, that is a different story altogether. READ MORE >>

The winter season can be a very busy time. There is shopping to do, parties to attend and even the occasional snow or ice shoveling season. As you navigate through your winter to-do list, be sure to add this item to it: contact Cloverleaf Insurance 1-800-530-5822 today to see how much you could save on your car insurance. READ MORE >>

Great news for budget-conscious Cloverleaf Insurance policyholders. Lower life insurance rates! Take Advantage of Money-Saving Rate Classes. We offer several rate classes for our term life insurance protection. Many people fit into one of our top classes – Premier Select, Preferred Select, and Preferred Choice. READ MORE >>

Muscle cars have been popular among classic vehicle enthusiasts for a while now, and they probably always will be. But we’re always asking: "what’s next?" Here's what's trending right now. Classic Trucks and Utility Vehicles. READ MORE >>

Reason to celebrate: Life Insurance Rate reductions up to 30% or more !  An upcoming birthday is often time to reflect upon your life. It’s also the best time to assess your life insurance needs. That’s because the coverage you want will likely never be as affordable to you as it is today. READ MORE >>

Dairyland Auto & Viking Insurance has expanded its automated payment features to include:                 -Text option for bill alerts (email option is still available) READ MORE >>

Take advantage of a discounted rate that could help you save hundreds of dollars a year. Last year, auto insurance rates went up across the nation, and this year they could climb even higher. Whether or not you were one of the millions of Americans who experienced a rate increase, you may be abl... READ MORE >>

Life Insurance in the real world, every choice you make needs to be carefully weighed against other choices, especially when every dollar counts. You may want to get that extra life insurance protection for your family, but there’s gas bill, your child needs new clothes, or the car needs to fixed. READ MORE >>

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