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Cloverleaf Insurance Blog: life insurance

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Since 1987, Cloverleaf Insurance has been the Midwest's source for quality auto, home and life insurance. Here's more on what makes us different. Video Transcript If you're looking for a reliable, professional and affordable insurance agent, you've come to the right place. READ MORE >>

Women are Less Likely to Carry Life Insurance than Men A recent study showed 56 percent of women have life insurance coverage and 62 percent of men do. The fact that fewer women have any coverage at all and often times are well underinsured leaves many families at risk if they die prematurely. READ MORE >>

You made the decision to purchase life insurance because you know it is the responsible thing to do. Your family depends on you for support and you want the assurance that they can survive without your income should you pass away unexpectedly. READ MORE >>

 Protect your loved ones and your estate by planning ahead Recent statistics show that about 40% of Americans die without a will,which is also known as Intestacy. Not having a will can cause many problems for the family of the deceased, and that's why wills are as important as life insurance when planning for your family's future. READ MORE >>

Figuring out life insurance can be exhausting and confusing for someone just starting to think about applying for coverage. Life insurance comes in a variety of forms and covers a wide range of issues. Different people in various situations need diverse types of life insurance, so it is very important to understand everything you can about what life insurance is and how it works. READ MORE >>

Great news for budget-conscious Cloverleaf Insurance policyholders. Lower life insurance rates! Take Advantage of Money-Saving Rate Classes. We offer several rate classes for our term life insurance protection. Many people fit into one of our top classes – Premier Select, Preferred Select, and Preferred Choice. READ MORE >>

Reason to celebrate: Life Insurance Rate reductions up to 30% or more !  An upcoming birthday is often time to reflect upon your life. It’s also the best time to assess your life insurance needs. That’s because the coverage you want will likely never be as affordable to you as it is today. READ MORE >>

Life Insurance in the real world, every choice you make needs to be carefully weighed against other choices, especially when every dollar counts. You may want to get that extra life insurance protection for your family, but there’s gas bill, your child needs new clothes, or the car needs to fixed. READ MORE >>

Everyone is looking for a way to save these days. If you are unemployed, have a bad driving record or a poor credit history, did you know there are insurance providers who specialize in underwriting drivers with these characteristics? You have many options for auto and life insurance. READ MORE >>

Spring, summer and early fall bring the height of the wedding season, with countless brides and grooms planning their perfect day during these warm and beautiful months. In the midst of picking out bridesmaids’ dresses, invitations, a venue and flowers, it’s easy to overlook all of th... READ MORE >>

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