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Cloverleaf Insurance Blog: missouri auto insurance

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The first snowfall of the season will be here sooner than many would like. When the first snowfall arrives, so do a flurry of car insurance claims from those involved in an accident on slippery roads. In addition to potentially increasing your insurance premiums, a winter car accident can mean time without your vehicle while it gets repaired. READ MORE >>

Get Cheap Auto Insurance in Missouri in Minutes! Select from major auto insurance companies competing for your business with cheap discount car insurance rates. It costs you nothing to switch your car insurance policy and prompt personal service. 1. Compare quotes and buy policy. 2. READ MORE >>

Are you familiar with how insurance companies work? They agree to absorb the cost of unforeseen incidents in return for a monthly premium, which is calculated based on how high the risk is of them having to pay for a claim. The higher your risk, the higher your premium. READ MORE >>

It is illegal for an individual in America to drive without valid Missouri automobile insurance coverage. This has led to the founding of numerous companies that offer ‘state minimum’ car insurance coverage. These policies only provide the coverage necessary to meet the requirements of a specific state. READ MORE >>

It's not uncommon for the college years to be an individual's first introduction to budgeting and bill payment. Whether you pay for college through student loans, scholarships, grants, parental contributions, savings or a combination of methods, it simply isn't easy to balance a restricted income with the sometimes overwhelming expenses of college life. READ MORE >>

The research firm, Celent, recently released a report exploring the possibility that, as technology becomes more sophisticated, auto insurance may well become unnecessary. But just how realistic is this hypothesis? Driving in the Technology Bubble There is no question that technology has made driving safer. READ MORE >>

There are two types of auto insurance coverage that can help keep your family's finances, interests, lifestyle and assets safe after an accident. These are collision and comprehensive coverage. What is Collision Coverage? Collision coverage provides, within limits, repair or replacement expenses for a vehicle that has been involved in a collision. READ MORE >>

While leasing a car may not be the best choice for all individuals, it is a perfect solution for some. A leased vehicle can afford a driver the benefit of a high-end or luxury automobile with much more affordable payments than a purchase does since the vehicle reverts back to the lease company at the end of the lease unless the lessee decides to exercise an option to buy. READ MORE >>

Best Cars for Teen Drivers When selecting a car for your teen driver it can be difficult to balance budgetary concerns, safety needs, and teenage dreams for a decked-out ride. Thankfully, there are many resources you can use to help find safe choices for specific car makes and models, such as th... READ MORE >>

By now you’re more than aware that buckling your seat belt, no matter where you’re seated inside your vehicle, can save your life. Wearing your seat belt properly, however, is not the only way to keep you and your family safe in while going for a ride in the car. 1. READ MORE >>

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