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Cloverleaf Insurance Blog: motorcycle insurance

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Sometimes, deciding what kind of vehicle you want to get depends heavily on the cost. Overall, cars are considered much safer than motorcycles. On the other hand, motorcycles are generally cheaper to purchase, maintain and insure. In fact, you can purchase a "beginner" motorcycle for anywhere between $5,000 and $10,000. READ MORE >>

There's nothing better than opening the throttle and taking off in your motorcycle. Yet, feeling the wind in your face — as fun as it sounds — is a clear signal of the exposure risks all bikers face. If you don't protect yourself, then flying down the highway could instantly turn from a fun experience to a tragic accident. READ MORE >>

There's nothing better than riding your motorcycle. The wind in your face and the warmth of the sun make this an excellent summertime activity. However, too much of a good thing can be bad for anyone. Biking involves operating heavy machinery that requires care, skill and alertness. READ MORE >>

For many motorcycle owners, their bike is more than just a vehicle to get from one place to the next. It is an investment. It is an item that offers great pride. And, most importantly, it is unique. Many motorcycle owners customize their bike. They change out parts to make it better fit their style or their interests. READ MORE >>

Celebrating 50 years with National Motorcycle Day For 50 years, we've witnessed the positive impact motorcycle riders make in communities throughout the nation. So in celebration of Dairyland Cycle's 50th anniversary, we put our thinking caps on — as opposed to our helmets — to come up with a way to shine a light on the good riders do. READ MORE >>

Haulers Insurance Company, Inc. (HICI) is now offering motorcycle insurance coverage in Missouri. The company's motorcycle program offers customers a wide range of coverage options and insurance protection. Here are some customer coverages and discounts available under the Haulers Insurance Company, Inc. READ MORE >>

If you own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one, a key factor to consider before doing so is your insurance needs. Most of the time, if you set out to buy a bike, you're probably aiming to purchase one that's loaded with the features and designs that you like, rather than the type of coverage it could require. READ MORE >>

Owning a motorcycle speaks to who you are and to your financial status. You are confident, financially set and you like to have a little fun. Ensuring that you can maintain this mode of transportation requires you to maintain your motorcycle so it stays in good shape for years to come. READ MORE >>

Protecting Your Motorcycle Against Theft   According to National Insurance Crime Bureau statistics, motor vehicle thefts are on the rise, and among the vehicles being targeted are motorcycles. It’s one thing to have your property stolen, but if it is something you love and have become attached to, that is a different story altogether. READ MORE >>

As the warm weather fades into fall, it's time to prepare your motorcycle for storage. But before you put your motorcycle away for the winter, you should give it a good scrub down to get rid of all the dirt and road grime that's built up over the past few months of riding. READ MORE >>

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