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Keeping your tires in order is an important part of your vehicle maintenance. Tire failure while on the road can be disastrous, so you should always take steps to minimize these risks. Your car insurance policy won't likely pay for routine wheel and tire maintenance. READ MORE >>

If you rent an apartment, getting a roommate is a great way to keep expenses low. You can split the rent, the utilities, and grocery bills, which helps you stash money away for other bills. But while splitting bills are a good idea, it's not a good idea to split your renters insurance policy. READ MORE >>

Car insurance is a complicated subject for many people. Additionally, many consumers only compare monthly premiums when buying coverage. However, there is more to car insurance than the rate you pay for your premium each month. Fortunately, you don't have to be an insurance agent to compare insurance companies effectively. READ MORE >>

Much like home insurance, renters insurance protects your living space. You can liken renters insurance to a life raft. When you are on a boat, the life raft is there just in case you have an emergency. Renters insurance is there in case you need it for a covered loss. Unfortunately, many people don't have renters insurance. READ MORE >>

Haulers Insurance Company, Inc. (HICI) is now offering motorcycle insurance coverage in Missouri. The company's motorcycle program offers customers a wide range of coverage options and insurance protection. Here are some customer coverages and discounts available under the Haulers Insurance Company, Inc. READ MORE >>

  July may be UV Safety Month, but do not forget about UV safety the other 11 months of the year. Sun safety needs to be considered every day—even if it is cloudy. Doing so is fairly simple: Seek Shade. This is one of the easiest ways to reduce your skin READ MORE >>

Riding an ATV is a whole lot of fun, but also very dangerous. Whether you are a new rider learning for the first time or an ATV veteran, here are some tips for staying safe on your off-road adventures: Wear protective gear. READ MORE >>

Shopping for car insurance can be a bit confusing if you're not sure what you're looking for. It's smart to brush up on the basics so you know what you're buying and how it can benefit you. One thing you need to be familiar with is the level of risk you present to an insurance provider. READ MORE >>

Whether they are court-ordered or prevention devices you install for yourself, ignition interlocks can be powerful and very effective tools to help stop DUIs from occurring. These devices are no longer than a cell phone. They are wired directly into the ignition system of your vehicle. READ MORE >>

In the state of Illinois, you are required to have auto insurance to operate a vehicle on the road legally. If you fail to carry the required minimums while you are driving, you could get a ticket. After getting numerous tickets for failing to have the required limits for insurance, it's not unus... READ MORE >>

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