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Motorcycle Insurance

Motorcycle insurance is essential for bike owners. Motorcycle accidents can occur anytime, often leading to high repair costs. Motorcycle insurance can protect you financially from high out-of-pocket expenses after a covered accident. Choosing the right policy can be challenging, and Cloverleaf Insurance is here to help guide you through the selection process.  

What Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover? 

Motorcycle insurance varies among policyholders. Most policies include liability coverage, insuring against bodily injuries and property damage. Additionally, some standard coverage options policyholders elect to include the following: 

  • Collision coverage 
  • Comprehensive coverage 
  • Medical payments coverage 
  • Uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage 

Policies may be tailored to include additional or alternative coverage options. Our agency can help you learn about ways to customize your policy. 

How Much Is Motorcycle Insurance? 

Motorcycle insurance rates tend to vary significantly among policyholders. Factors such as your bike model, location, usage, driving record and insurance claims history may impact how much you pay for coverage. A biker who has never gotten into an accident or filed a claim will likely pay less for coverage than someone who has filed multiple insurance claims. 

What Motorcycle Insurance Do I Need? 

Missouri requires all motorcycle owners to carry liability insurance. However, if an accident occurs that isn’t covered by liability insurance, you may be faced with hefty repair or recovery expenses. Sufficient motorcycle insurance can be excellent financial protection from accident-related costs. The agents at Cloverleaf Insurance can help you learn more about motorcycle insurance requirements. 

Where Can I Find Coverage? 

If you are a bike owner near St. Peters, Missouri, the dedicated agents at Cloverleaf Insurance can assist you in learning about motorcycle insurance to help you decide on the right policy for you and your bike. 

For more information, contact our agency today at 800-530-5822.