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December 8, 2017

5 Signs Your Home’s Roof Needs Maintenance

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Your roof protects your entire home. A small area of damage can cause significant structural damage.

Home insurance may help defray some or all of the costs associated with roof damage. However, you must properly maintain your roof for coverage to apply.

Try and safely inspect your roof from time to time. Never do this alone, and do your best to avoid any incidents that might cause you harm.

Here are five key danger signs to look for on your roof.

#1: Missing Shingles

You may be able to spot these from the ground. When a shingle blows off, it exposes the underlayment of the roof. It also creates an opportunity for leaks to occur. Replacing shingles helps provide ample protection. It minimizes the risk of leaks.

#2: Discoloration

Another sign you can see from the ground is discoloration. Often, this will be dark spots that appear a bit green. Discoloration occurs as mold and mildew build on the surface of the roof. It’s critical that you enlist the help of an expert to remove any discoloration spots before they cause more serious damage.

#3: Buckling and Curling

Sometimes, intense heat or weather changes will cause the roof shingles to curl up. This buckling is dangerous. It exposes the roof’s surface and creates areas for further damage. Each shingle should lay flat against the surface. This helps ensure water and snow wash away into the gutters, instead of pooling on the roof.

#4: Granules

Look into the gutter system. When cleaning out leaves and debris, look for small, black specs. This is a sign of wear and tear on the roof. When this happens, the material covering the shingles washes away. Over time, this can weaken the shingles and necessitate a roof replacement.

#5: Flashing

Flashing is a metal material that sits along the edge of the roof. It prevents water from entering the home through these sharp edges. If the flashing is missing or has damage, it is a key point of concern. Make repairs as necessary.

In most cases, home insurance will not cover losses from roof neglect or lack of maintenance. However, by maintaining your roof, you can reduce the chances that a claim will be denied.

If you have questions about how home insurance covers roof repairs, talk to a Cloverleaf Insurance agent. We’re happy to help!

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