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June 12, 2019

Are you insured to put on a great party?

Got plans to put on a great party?

Got big plans for a party? Don’t forget to clean your walkway and steps of debris before the guests arrive. Slips, trips and falls may be the stuff of slapstick comedy, but in real life, such accidents can cause serious injuries.

And, according to the Insurance Information Institute, those injuries can often lead to lawsuits and high liability awards, especially when lost income, and pain and suffering are added to potentially high medical and rehabilitation expenses.

When confronting the possibility of being held responsible for such high amounts, you may find the limit of liability protection available under your homeowners policy will fall far short of your potential risk. Consider adding an umbrella policy to extend your personal liability protection, so when the party’s over, all you need to worry about is the cleanup!

Do I Need Personal Liability Insurance?

For many of us, the basic limits of liability offered with homeowners or auto insurance policies are enough to cover most claims.

But what if they aren’t? What happens, say, if you cause a multi-car pileup on I-55 with multiple injuries? Or what if you’re hosting a house party where someone gets tipsy at your backyard cookout, falls and suffers a severe head injury on your brick patio?

Chances are that these unusual and catastrophic claims may exhaust your basic liability coverage. You might even be subject to a lawsuit if you were negligent.

That’s where personal catastrophe liability (umbrella) coverage can help. Umbrella policy is excess coverage designed to protect you against financial obligations resulting from major claims and lawsuits that can exhaust the limits of your underlying policies. Umbrella policy is typically sold in million-dollar increments, and it’s a lot less expensive than you might think.

Check into Umbrella coverage—especially if you have a pool at home or own watercraft, or you just throw a lot of house parties.

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