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February 15, 2018

Avoiding SR-22s And Serious Driving Violations

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No one wants to get an SR-22 penalty. An SR-22 requirement can make it more difficult to afford auto insurance. Nevertheless, if you get an SR-22, you must carry car insurance. SR-22s are forms that your state might require you to obtain following serious driving violations. The SR-22 verifies for the state that you maintain active car insurance.

It is easy to understand why a state might require high-risk drivers to verify that they have auto coverage. In theory, these drivers are the most likely to commit driving offenses. But, even ordinarily safe drivers might wind up with an SR-22, if they let coverage lapse or commit similar violations.

So, how can you protect yourself against the financial strain of an SR-22 requirement?

Common SR-22 Charges

SR-22s arise from a variety of driving charges, most of which are severe. Even good drivers might slip up from time to time and wind up with an SR-22. Some of the common charges that lead to SR-22s include:

  • Driving without auto insurance
  • Not carrying an active license, registration or plates
  • DUI/DWI infractions
  • Frequent accidents or speeding violations

How To Avoid An SEO Charge

What can you do to protect yourself against some of the common infractions that lead to SR-22s? The simplest answer is to work on being a safer driver. However, it’s also worthwhile to pay attention to your specific driving practices.

  • Don’t pretend to know all the rules. Driving laws vary considerably. Follow all road signs and special directions. And don’t speed excessively. It often doesn’t hurt to periodically review your state’s driving handbook if you have concerns about a certain rule.
  • Consider enrolling in a defensive driving course. These courses can help drivers re-familiarize themselves with safe driving practices. And many insurers often award discounts to drivers who pass these courses.
  • If you drink, do not drive. It is as simple as that. Either use public transportation or a designated driver for assistance.
  • Keep your driver’s license active and in your possession. Do not drive without your license in your vehicle.
  • Maintain active auto insurance. Make sure to renew your policy before it expires. Your state will require you to carry minimum levels of auto insurance. Make sure you carry coverage in accordance with these laws.
  • Renew your registration as required by your state of residence. If you don’t have active registration, you likely cannot drive.
  • Should you neglect any of these duties, you could easily face an SR-22 penalty. Therefore, ensure you drive safely and legally. If you can avoid an SR-22, it will likely make it easier to afford your auto insurance premiums.

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