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March 3, 2014

Car Features to Look for While Shopping

When looking for a new car, the sheer amount of technological improvements can be overwhelming. Which new features are great to have and which new features are little more than high-tech fluff? Here are five features that you should keep on your radar while car shopping.

  1. Air bags: While front air bags have been required in cars for years, many new cars have an assortment of strategically placed air bags to further reduce the risk of injury during a collision. From side air bags, to dashboard airbags and even inflatable seatbelts, some cars have as many as 10 air bags for your added safety.
  2. Rearview camera: Backing up isn’t always easy, especially if you’re driving a large vehicle or if small children or pets are nearby. Rear-view cameras alert you to dangers that are hidden to the naked eye, allowing you to back up safely every time.
  3. Electronic stability control: Now a federal requirement in all 2012 and newer cars, ESC uses on-board computers to analyze your steering and traction. If danger is sensed, this system can brake one or more wheels or limit throttle response to help your car get safely back on track.
  4. Blind spot monitoring: Changing lanes can lead to a big surprise if an unnoticed driver was inhabiting your car’s blind spot. To prevent this type of collision, blind spot monitoring is designed to alert you if anything is in your blind spots, usually by illuminating lights on the side mirrors.
  5. Keyless entry: Many car manufacturers are pumping out models with new smart keys, which allow you to lock/unlock doors and start the engine at the touch of a button, all while the smart key remains in your purse or pocket. This new technology eliminates the old habit of fumbling around for your keys, accidentally locking your keys inside the car and even makes it extremely difficult for carjackers to hotwire equipped cars.

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