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June 4, 2021

Cloverleaf Insurance Is An Independent Agent. Why Should You Care?

Cloverleaf InsuranceIndependence is the freedom to make choices. Cloverleaf Insurance offers you choices. 

Insurance companies have options when it comes to choosing how best to present their products and services to prospects and customers. Some are direct, only offering access via websites or toll-free numbers. Other insurers select agents who will only represent that company’s products or services. 

We believe the best choice is representatives who can offer you the broadest possible coverage and pricing options. Cloverleaf Insurance can make recommendations for your specific needs. 

Whether those needs cover sailing on a river, a cabin in the woods or a car in the city, here are several reasons for you to choose an Independent Agent as your insurance advisor: 

  • Cloverleaf Insurance is not restricted to offering solutions from a single insurance company 

  • More companies to access means a larger menu of coverages and prices 

  • Establishing a relationship with an Cloverleaf Insurance means that we can work with you to adapt your coverage to changing circumstances 


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