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November 23, 2021

Coming soon to a street near you: SNOW!


                                                                                               a man standing on top of a snow covered slope

We know the weather has been great so far this fall. However, the snow and ice of winter will be here before you know it! With this cold thought in mind, Cloverleaf Insurance wants to help ensure you obtain the proper coverage for your commercial vehicle customers before it is too late!  

We also write:

  • Landscapers who plow snow in the winter
  • Never licensed drivers (basic limits only)
  • Contractors, Dry cleaners, Carpet Cleaners, Auto Parts Delivery, Locksmiths, and MANY MORE!  

Ensure that you have the proper coverage this winter by contacting Cloverleaf Insurance today at 1-800-530-5822 or by visiting our website at    www.cloverleafins.com


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