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August 3, 2022

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Track Days?

Most motorcycles need insurance because of the inherent risk associated with bike ownership. These are vehicles used not only on the highway, but also for a variety of recreational purposes. The question is, will insurance cover you during recreational events like track days?  

Often, standard policies won’t apply to track days automatically. However, that doesn’t mean you won’t be able to cover your bike. You might just need a special policy. 

What are track days?  

A track day is a meet-up event where local bikers can use their motorcycles for races or other tricks. You might also compete for prizes or use these events as opportunities to break into the local pro or semi-pro circuit. However, while these events can be great ways to socialize and test your bike, you might find that your motorcycle insurance won’t cover you.  

Why won’t motorcycle insurance cover them?  

Motorcycle insurers must account for risk when they offer policies to applicants. Track days represent a significant level of risk to those insurers because they offer ample opportunity for riders to engage in high-risk activities.  a motorcycle parked on the side of a dirt field

Though you might be perfectly capable of managing a bike on a track race, that doesn’t mean accidents can’t happen. Track days involve speed and riding practices different from those you might use on the highway. The risks of you having an accident might increase significantly, despite your capabilities. Because of this risk, many standard motorcycle insurers exclude coverage for track events.  

Getting Track Day Coverage  

Though a standard motorcycle policy might not cover track days, that doesn’t mean you cannot get coverage. You can often buy a specially designed track insurance policy. You can often get it through the same insurer that provides your standard policy. Professional or semi-pro bikers might need to upgrade to a specialty motorsports insurance policy if they race for money or other incentives, however.  

Work with your insurance agent to determine the specialty coverage that is best for you. Some of the protection your track insurance might cover includes:  

  • Property damage & bodily injury liability coverage in case you cause a wreck that harms others.  

  • Physical damage & theft insurance for your bike’s damage from a wreck or other losses.  

  • Personal injury coverage to apply to injuries you sustain in an accident.  

Additionally, you might also benefit from other, more specific protection like:  

  • Trailer coverage & inland marine insurance to protect the bike while you transport it.  

  • Tools & equipment coverage.  

  • Towing coverage.  

Your agent can help you determine which coverages you need, and which ones don’t apply to you.  

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