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April 12, 2016

Ensure Your Motorcycle Insurance Covers New Parts

Motorcycle WheelsIf you own a motorcycle or plan to purchase one, a key factor to consider before doing so is your insurance needs. Most of the time, if you set out to buy a bike, you’re probably aiming to purchase one that’s loaded with the features and designs that you like, rather than the type of coverage it could require. However, in some cases, it pays to put a bit more attention into this decision — simply because the right bike and the right insurance could mean fewer worries about your investment.

Does Motorcycle Insurance Cover Parts?

In situations where you need help replacing parts for normal wear and tear, such as new brakes or old tires, your insurance will not step in to provide coverage. In fact, it is not likely to be used unless you are involved in an accident and the damage is covered under a comprehensive motorcycle insurance plan or collision plan.

However, if you are involved in such an incident and the damage to your bike is significant, you’ll want to rely on your insurance to cover the costs. If you have a high-end bike, chances are good you will need to pay more for insurance to cover it outright — since it is more expensive to repair or replace. If your bike just needs a few parts replaced, though, the right insurance company may pay for the exact parts needed for your bike. That means you do not have to use aftermarket or off-brand parts to get your bike back up and working.

Which Bikes Are Most Expensive To Insure?

Each motorcycle’s insurance coverage will differ based on the value of the bike, your driving habits and the specific policy you purchase. But if you own a Harley Davidson Ultra Classic Electra Glide, Tie Ducati 848 EVO or even the Ducati Diavel, you have one of the most expensive motorcycles to insure. That means you will likely pay a higher premium to protect your bike. But paying more for coverage can come in handy if you need to replace the parts on these high-end bikes.

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