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September 12, 2017

Founders Insurance & Cloverleaf Insurance Can Assist New Homeowners

The Wall Street Journal reports that the first quarter of 2017 consisted of numbers of new owner households doubling that of new renter households. This turn in the housing market is in large part due to the millennials. Contrary to the fears of older generations, the millennials are moving on from the days of renting, and exploring new opportunities in the housing realm.
Unfortunately, student loans and financial hardship can leave these young adults in a bind while trying to purchase a home as well as insurance. With homeowner programs that are not credit scored, and a more accepting philosophy on risk factors, Founders Insurance makes it easy for these home-seekers to get quality coverage. Offering a variety of policies, we allow our customers to protect their home, condo, or townhome. To receive more information on homeowner coverage, please visit theHomeowners Insurance portion of our website. For those interested in protecting more than just their home, we also offer Equipment Breakdown Coverage.
Avoid the hassle of warranties and quickly receive the money you need to repair or replace household equipment. Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Coverage protects numerous items, including:

• Ovens
• Dishwashers
• Media systems
• Laptops/PCs
• Washers/dryers
• Pool filtration systems and
• Lawn tractors

In the event of necessary replacement, go with our Green Coverage and receive up to 125% of the replacement cost when you replace covered equipment with environmentally friendly products. To learn more about covered equipment, as well as preventive tips to keep your appliances in top shape, check out our Homeowners Equipment Breakdown Insurance.

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