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January 7, 2015

Household Products for Minor Cuts

There are some common household products that can be used for minor cuts and scrapes. Keep these items in your home.


Honey has many healing benefits. Honey is better known for treating coughs. Honey has soothing and potential healing effect on minor cuts and scrpaes. Honey has natural anti-oxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. It can help fight off germs but properly clean a wound first with soap and water before applying it.

Studies have shown that honey also can be effective fighting some bacteria’s. When purchasing honey darker colored honey has more antibacterial and anti-oxidants.


Clean minor cuts and abrasions with a vinegar solution. Mix 2 teaspoons vinegar with 2 cups water.

This vinegar solution can then be applied to minor cuts and abrasions using a cotton swab or clean cloth. This can also be used to treat mosquito bites, mild acne. If the strength of the mixture seems not to work, increase the concentration of vinegar.

Petroleum Jelly

Petroleum jelly can be used as a wound dressing when covered by a bandage. With minor cuts and abrasions, petroleum jelly can help in the healing process. Studies have shown that wounds kept moist heal quicker than wounds exposed to the air. Moist wound healing also decreases likelihood of inflammation and possible infection.

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