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July 19, 2016

How Do Ignition Interlocks Work To Prevent DUI?

Man Blowing Into Ignition Interlock DeviceWhether they are court-ordered or prevention devices you install for yourself, ignition interlocks can be powerful and very effective tools to help stop DUIs from occurring. These devices are no longer than a cell phone. They are wired directly into the ignition system of your vehicle. The person who wishes to drive the vehicle must first blow into these devices. Not doing so or doing so with a blood alcohol level can render the vehicle unable to be accessed. Your DUI insurance may require the use of these devices.

Could An Ignition Interlock Help You?

With an ignition interlock device on a vehicle, it becomes very hard for a driver that is intoxicated to operate that vehicle. The device is highly accurate. It generally can detect even a small, but measurable amount of alcohol in their body. If that is present, the vehicle may not start. It may seem simple, but it works.

  • Drivers who are intoxicated do not always make the best decisions and often can get behind the wheel.
  • If a driver believes he or she is “fine” and can drive, that person’s mental capacity can be still limited and can still be a threat. This device stops them from being able to start the vehicle.
  • It may be required. In some cases, a court can order an individual to install an ignition interlock device if a person driving that vehicle or with access to it has been convicted of previous DUIs or DWIs.

You may not know that 25 states require interlock devices for all of those convicted of DUI. Other states may add these laws later. If you are required to use one, do not overlook this requirement. It could mean losing your license in the long term.

If you are required to obtain and use these devices, your auto insurance company may want to know about it. If in place, it may help to reduce your overall car insurance claims for accidents or injuries related to DUI or DWI events. It is never safe to drive after you’ve had any level of alcohol or drugs in your system. With the help of an ignition interlock device, you can reduce those worries and help keep yourself from experiencing additional DUI events.

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