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May 18, 2016

How RV Insurance Helps You In An Emergency

Family Riding In RVYou’ve taken the time to ensure your recreational vehicle is working at its highest level. You have inspected everything from the water tank to the engine. You are ready to go. Then, a few days into your cross country trip, you realize something is not right. Within a matter of minutes, your vehicle is on the side of the road; you have no idea what to do because you are in a strange place, and your trip hangs in the balance. This is where you may be able to get some help from your RV insurance.

On The Road Support

RV insurance can help you through many of the incidents that occur while you’re on the road. It can assist you in much the same way as traditional vehicle insurance does, but in most cases it can provide you with far more support. Here are some ways it can help you in an emergency.

Roadside Assistance

Your RV policy can come to the rescue if your vehicle breaks down. Roadside assistance can help you to secure a car to get you to and from home. It can help you to get towing for your RV, which can cost significantly more than a traditional vehicle tow.

Asset Protection

If you are involved in an accident that leads to losses related to the vehicle’s condition or your on-board contents, RV insurance can help to cover those losses. If you have collision insurance, you may even have coverage when you are responsible for those losses.

Emergency Expenses

Some policies will provide coverage to you while you wait for your vehicle’s repair. This may include, for example, hotel costs if you are in need of lodging. Otherwise, this type of situation can lead to high expenses.

You do need to customize your RV insurance to include the right level of protection for these and other risks. From campsite and vacation coverage to total loss replacement protection and even full-time coverage (if your RV is your home), the right policy minimizes your risks, no matter what happens on the road. Do you have the right coverage, or is it time to update your policy?

Your coverage protects you, wherever the road takes you. Call Cloverleaf Insurance at (800) 530-5822 for more information on the RV insurance coverage options we offer.

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