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October 26, 2013

Lower Life Insurance Rates!

Great news for budget-conscious Cloverleaf Insurance policyholders. Lower life insurance rates!

Take Advantage of Money-Saving Rate Classes. We offer several rate classes for our term life insurance protection. Many people fit into one of our top classes – Premier Select, Preferred Select, and Preferred Choice. Each of these provides a wide range of tiered pricing and low rates for policyholders who live a healthy lifestyle, don’t use nicotine and have good family health histories.

More and more Americans are turning to term insurance to cut their life insurance costs. Now our rate classes help cut the cost of term insurance even more.

Yet you still get all of Cloverleaf Insurance’s superior term insurance features, including:

-Guaranteed renewability. As long as you pay your premiums, your policy cannot be cancelled up until age 95, regardless of your medical condition.

-Non-nicotine user discount. Up to 50% off nicotine user’s rates.

-Additional discounts for more coverage. The more you buy, the more you save!

-Cloverleaf service and as you know you can depend on us year after year for exceptional service and continued low rates.

Now you can …

-Increase your family’s protection to a safer level.

-Cover your spouse to protect yourself.

-Get insurance that can’t be cancelled.

It costs nothing to compare…

So call 800-530-5822, visit Cloverleafins.comtoday. Remember, because rates are based on age, your rate will probably never be lower than today.

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