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May 13, 2015

Percentage of Drugged Drivers Rising

Sobriety TestCloverleaf Insurance has seen driving while using drugs is a much bigger problem that it was 3 years earlier. People driving after using illegal drugs is a serious threat.

Drugged driving has become an increasingly hot topic in the overall battle to reduce impaired driving because studies show that more people under the influence of drugs are driving-and dying-on the road.

The dangers of driving under the influence of alcohol are well known, and it is encouraging that the number of drunk driving deaths generally has been in decline since 1982. Yet because of a decrease in overall traffic in the last decade, the percentage of drunken driving deaths compared to all traffic deaths had plateau at about 30 percent.

The percentage of drugged drivers is rising and many of whom don’t realize that drugs can affect drivers just as much as alcohol. Like alcohol, drugs-even in small amounts-can negatively affect motor skills, balance, coordination, perception, attention, reaction time, and judgment.

A National Highway Traffic Safety Administration survey found that 18 percent of fatally injured drivers tested positive for at least one illicit, prescription or over-the-counter drug- an increase from 13 percent in 2005. It is estimated 10.3 million people, or 3.9 percent, reported driving under the influence of illicit drugs .

Drugs and alcohol often are used in combination, and drugged driving figures are almost certainly under reported because blood tests for drugs other than alcohol are inconsistently performed or not taken at all.

Whether it’s legal, illegal, or over-the-counter, people just don’t appreciate how dangerous these substances can be when it comes to their driving. Alcohol and drugs should be addressed together-rather that independently-as cause of impairment.

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