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June 12, 2017

Preventing Instances Of RV Theft

Burglar with CrowbarRVs are valuable vehicles, and this makes them an attractive target for thieves. But while RV theft is relatively common, RV insurance does provide owners with some financial protection against these incidents.

Still, even with theft protection embedded with insurance policies, RV owners are best served by being proactive against potential theft risks. Let’s take a closer look at why that is.

Get the Right RV Insurance

First, a word on how RV insurance can protect theft victims. If a thief were to steal an RV, the insurer would likely give the owner either full or partial compensation to replace the vehicle.

The way the losses are covered varies by policy. Some policies will pay for an RV that has the same value as the stolen one did at purchase. Others will only pay the value of the stolen vehicle at the time of loss.

Preventing RV Theft

As an RV owner, you should always take steps to reduce the threat of theft to your RV. If you don’t protect the vehicle, your insurer may refuse to take responsibility for a claim. They might claim negligence — essentially saying you could have prevented the incident from happening.

Here’s how to protect your RV from theft.

  • Always lock and secure the RV. Keep not only the doors locked, but also secure the windows and cargo storage areas.
  • When parked, firmly anchor the RV. This can make potential theft much harder for thieves. Use wheel blocks and other anchors to keep the RV stationary. These methods not only help reduce theft risks, but they also keep the RV safely in place.
  • Only park your RV in safe, reputable parking areas. Stay in lighted areas, and within the vicinity of other reputable travelers.
  • Consistently arm the RV’s security systems. Many RVs have burglar alarms, and advanced models often contain cameras and GPS tracking.
  • Keep proper identification in your RV. Make sure you always have proof of ownership in the vehicle, and on your person.
  • Never leave the RV or its contents unattended. If you plan to be away from your RV, store all valuables you don’t take with you inside the vehicle, but out of sight.
  • Never advertise your travel plans. Thieves can track RVs. They might know when drivers leave them unattended and choose that time to strike.

Remember, your goal should be to make your RV unappealing to thieves. If stealing your vehicle is more trouble for them than it’s worth for these bad actors, they likely won’t try
and boost it.

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