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September 13, 2017

Protect Yourself against Vehicle Theft

Each year, thousands of vehicles are stolen in the U.S.

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 To help make sure your car in Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati or truck in Springfield doesn’t get added to this year’s tally of stolen vehicles, the National Insurance Crime Bureau recommends a few simple steps to protect yourself against vehicle theft:

 Use common sense. Lock your car and take the keys with you. Seems simple enough, but many thefts occur because some owners just make it too easy for thieves

  • Install an alarm or warning device. An alarm system or visible warning device can stop a thief before he even makes an attempt to steal your car. That little blinking red light indicating an armed alarm just might be enough to get the thief to move on to another target

  • Install an immobilizer. If a thief can’t start your car, it’s probably not going anywhere. Consider installing an ignition “kill switch” or fuel cut-off device to prevent theft

  • Install a tracking device. A GPS-enabled tracking device probably won’t prevent your vehicle from being stolen (unless you have warning stickers), but it can be very useful to authorities when recovering your stolen car or truck

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