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January 6, 2015

SR-22 Certificates and Car Insurance

Sobriety TestSo, you went to a party and had a few drinks. You knew you shouldn’t drive, but the group hadn’t appointed a designated driver. You felt okay and decided to risk driving anyway. What happened? About three blocks from the party, you saw flashing police lights behind you and you were pulled over.

The policeman said that you had a broken taillight, which is why he pulled you over. But then, he smelled alcohol on your breath and he asked if you had been drinking. It was obvious, so you said yes.

Your driver’s license was suspended for four months since this was your first offense and you’re over 21 years old. But what happens when the suspension is lifted?

You’ll need auto insurance before you can start driving again. It’s important to ensure that you have the minimum amount required by your state and that you have quality insurance, especially liability coverage.

It’s also likely that you’ll need an SR-22, which is a document that verifies that you have insurance. Why? Your driver’s license was suspended for a DUI, so the state requires you to have an SR-22 certificate to obtain coverage.

You took a risk in driving when you knew you shouldn’t, so don’t take a risk with your auto insurance. Contact your independent insurance agent and get the insurance you need.

A DUI might not be the reason for getting an SR-22 filing. You may need to file for SR-22 coverage if:

  1. You didn’t pay your auto insurance premium, and therefore you didn’t have the insurance you were required to have.
  2. You were goofing off and got a ticket for reckless driving.

For those reasons, a judge can require you to have an SR-22. Although there’s no getting around the fact that SR-22 insurance is pricier than normal auto insurance, we can help you find the best deal possible.

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