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March 20, 2013

The Top Five Myths about SR-22 Coverage

After a driver is charged with a DUI, they are required to maintain Missouri SR22 insurance. There are a few myths and a lot of misunderstanding about this particular type of insurance coverage. Taking the time to debunk the myths, will allow you to be sure that you always have the coverage you need.

Myth 1: You Don’t Really Need SR-22 Coverage Unless You Want to Get It

If you are ordered to get SR-22 coverage, it is not optional. You must get the coverage and you must get it within a certain period of time. If you choose not to abide by the order, you could end up losing your license permanently.

Myth 2: You Do Not Need Insurance to Get SR-22 Coverage

Many people assume that if they do not have a car to drive, that they do not need to worry about getting an insurance policy.  In order to be able to get SR-22 coverage, you must obtain an insurance policy. 

Myth 3: You Don’t Need SR-22 Coverage If You Don’t Have a Car

Some drivers actually think they can just pay a small fee and obtain SR-22 coverage, this simply isn’t true. Even if you do not have a car that is insured, you are still required to get an SR-22 insurance policy. The policy will be a non-owners policy and will be enough coverage to meet the requirements set forth by the judge.

Myth 4: SR-22 Insurance Is Significantly More Expensive Than a Traditional Policy

In order to get an SR-22 endorsement on your policy, you simply need to pay a small fee that is typically less than you would pay for a tank of gas. This is a one-time fee that ensures that you get the required coverage added to your policy, until it is time to renew your policy.

Myth 5: After Getting Your License Reinstated, You Can Cancel Your SR-22 Policy

Many people make the mistake of assuming that once they have their license back, they can cancel their SR-22 policy and save the annual or semi-annual fee. This is not the case, because the DMV uses the SR-22 to determine if you are or are not currently insured. If you cancel your policy, the insurance company will send a form to the DMV letting them know that you canceled you SR-22 policy. This could lead to penalties or fines by the DMV. 

It is important to talk to the DMV before making any changes to your policy to ensure that you have the coverage that you need to meet your obligations.

If you are unsure about the SR-22 coverage you may need, call Cloverleaf Insurance at 800-530-5822 to talk to a knowledgeable representative about all of the options available to you.

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