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November 12, 2019

Traffic violations and their impact on insurance rates

Traffic violations are never a good thing. They are expensive, negatively impact driving records, and can add to the cost of car and motorcycle insurance.


The demerit point system

Most states, but not all of them, operate on a points system regarding the status of a driver’s license. With every traffic violation, no matter the vehicle type, a certain amount of points is acquired. When the threshold amount of points is hit, a driver’s license is suspended or revoked.


Licenses might be immediately suspended if any of the following occur:

• Extreme speeding ticket

• Multiple DUIs or DWIs

• Serious auto accident

• Pedestrian endangerment violation

• Too many traffic violations

Insurance companies don’t look at the entire driving history when it comes to assessing risk and coming up with an auto or motorcycle insurance rate. Most companies look for violations in the past three to five years. Also, depending on the violation, in some states, contacting an attorney can get the violation—and points—removed from a record.

SR-22 auto filings

If you have multiple violations or needs an SR22 for any reason, Cloverleaf Insurance offers electronically filed SR-22s for quick, reliable service.

How do rates improve?

As more violations drop off of the driving history—and none are added since then— rates should improve. This is only taking into account the lack of any new violations factoring into the insurance rate.

As you know, a lot more goes into car and motorcycle insurance rates than simply how many violations are on record. However, safe driving goes a long way toward helping keep money in your wallet. At Cloverleaf Insurance, we feel strongly about safety.

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