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March 22, 2023
Garrett Hoffmann

How Many Auto Insurance Claims Is Too Many?

Each insurer sets rules about how many claims they will pay before they raise your rates or even refuse to renew your policy. If you’ve filed one or two claims in the past three years, you may experience a rate increase, but your insurer may agree to renew your coverage. Your agent can help you understand your insurer’s guidelines for claims as they apply to premiums and renewals.Car being towed

If you file numerous claims in a short time period, your insurer may not renew your coverage at the end of its term. If this happens, your agent can help you find appropriate auto insurance from a different insurer.

Do Auto Insurance Rates Go Up After An Accident?

Many insurers raise premiums after multiple claims in a certain time period. The increase amount varies according to the insurer’s rules, the severity of the accident and whether you were the at-fault driver.

Some insurers provide accident forgiveness programs to help prevent rate increases after certain types of accidents, such as no-fault, first or small accidents.

Comprehensive claims are often for events beyond your control, such as vandalism, theft, hitting an animal, weather damage or fire. While these accidents remain on your driving record for a few years, depending on your state’s rules, your insurer may not raise your rates as much for a comprehensive claim as they would for a collision claim.

Collision claims are for an accident that damages your vehicle and is the driver’s fault. Insurers may consider this type of claim indicative of your future probability of causing another accident. As a result, you may experience rate increases after a significant collision claim.

How to Get Auto Insurance In Missouri

Missouri requires all drivers to maintain minimum amounts of auto liability coverage. This policy may help cover your legal liability for third-party injuries and property damage after an at-fault accident.

Working with your agent to understand your auto insurance options and create a car insurance plan that provides the best possible combination of value and coverage is crucial. The agents at Cloverleaf Insurance in St. Peters, Missouri, can help you get appropriate auto insurance coverage at a great rate.




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