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May 2, 2014

7 Tips to Minimize Road Rage

Hands Clutching the WheelDriving can be a frustrating experience for some people, particularly in highly congested areas or during rush hour commutes. But, even with ample road rage triggers, it’s each driver’s responsibility to stay calm and avoid reckless driving behaviors. Why? Aggressive driving is a leading cause of accidents — many of which can be prevented by finding ways to relax behind the wheel. Here are seven tips to minimize road rage.

  1. Catch some Z’s: Have you ever felt irritable in the morning after a restless night? Getting a full eight hours of sleep can reduce those feelings so you can hit the road in a better mood.
  2. Head out early: Running late can cause anxiety and reckless driving. Instead, when you know you have to be somewhere by a certain time, leave ten minutes earlier than you usually would to allow extra time for traffic.
  3. Control your breathing: Taking deep, controlled breaths forces your body to relax and lowers your heart rate. Try it if you feel yourself tensing up.
  4. Mellow out with music: While it’s important to focus on the road, there’s no need to dwell on the jerk who just cut you off. Instead, provide your brain with a bit of a distraction by playing music or an audiobook. It’ll give you something more pleasant to think about.
  5. Avoid sudden movements: Use your turn signals when changing lanes to let other drivers know what you’re planning on doing. If other drivers are irritated by your actions, they may display reckless driving, which can escalate your own frustration. Avoid that cycle of dangerous driving!
  6. Don’t engage: Revving engines and honking horns does nothing but fuel road rage and dangerous driving behaviors. Do not engage or make eye contact with drivers who are displaying these actions and avoid races or other road challenges.
  7. Avoid tailgating: Tailgating can be frustrating for both you and the car in front of you. Instead, work on your breathing to relax yourself and pass the driver when it’s safe to do so.

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