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October 4, 2013

Are You Getting A Homeowners Insurance Discount?

Owning a home is not a cheap task and paying your homeowners insurance premium can be tough amid mortgage and utility bills. But don’t lose hope! There are ways you can trim your homeowners premium to a more manageable number, especially with the help of a knowledgeable insurance agent. Ask your agent if applying the following tips can earn you home insurance savings:

·         Prevent theft: Installing a security system and motion detector lights significantly reduces your risk of theft. Even something as simple as adding dead bolts can make your home more secure. Insurance providers often offer discounts for homes with anti-theft installations. You may even find that the cost of installing these safety measures is worth it for the money you save on your premiums throughout the years.

·         Prevent fire damage: House fires can lead to costly property damage and can take weeks, or even months, to repair. Because of this, many insurance providers offer discounts to homeowners who take action to reduce the risk of fire in their home. Install fire and smoke alarms, preferably the type that directly contacts authorities. You can also install a sprinkler system and purchase fire extinguishers. Reduced premiums are sometimes available to non-smokers as well.

·         Raise your deductible: The higher your deductible, the lower your monthly premium. Consider raising your deductible to the maximum amount you could afford at a given time. The money you save each month can go towards your savings, which may also help pay your deductible if a claimable event occurs.

·         Combine multiple policies: Combing multiple polices, such as home and auto, with a single insurance provider can save you money. Bundling your policies also makes paying your premiums more convenient and gives you a single point of contact to handle your questions and concerns.

·         Renew your policy: Insurance providers may offer incentives for you to renew if you have a claim-free record. Speak with your agent about reduced rates, particularly if you’ve installed safety measures in your home.

·         Pay electronically: Setting up automatic electronic payments reduces insurance providers’ administrative costs. In some cases, those savings can be passed on to you. Automatic payments also prevent you from accidentally missing a bill.

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