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September 23, 2019

DUIs And How Long They Affect Your Car Insurance Rates

Drinking And Driving Regulations

One of the most-severe driving infractions that someone can commit is a DUI. DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence, and it is a charge that could arise if you operate a car while intoxicated by alcohol or another illegal substance. Because of the extreme risks associated with these infractions, you’re likely to face stiff penalties, one of which might be a higher rate from your car insurer. Let’s look at why this might happen, and what you can do about it.

The Severity Of DUIs

Alcohol, illicit drugs, and even prescription drugs can cause severe side effects for consumers. Being drunk or high impairs the way your brain can process and react to new information. Therefore, intoxication in any form is a risk to drivers.

You need all your faculties to be able to drive safely. You have to be able to identify risks and navigate around them quickly. The effects of intoxication can easily diminish your capacity to hear, see and react appropriately to quick developments and hazards that exist on the road ahead. As a result, you might have a significant risk of causing wrecks or other accidents while driving in this state.

The police can often spot individuals suspected of driving under the influence, simply by noticing the fact the vehicle is not under full control. If they catch you in such a condition, they are likely to charge you with DUI. This is a massive infraction of driving laws, and you must be willing to accept the penalties of committing such an offense.

DUIs And Your Car Insurance

Once you receive a DUI charge, it will go on your driving record as part of the penalty phase. This can have significant ramifications for your driving future.

Because your record will reflect the DUI, your insurer will likely find out about it. This will either happen immediately or the next time you try to renew your insurance policy. It is one of the clearest signals possible that you are a high-risk driver.

If they do not cancel your policy (which can happen if insurers cannot afford the risk of covering DUI recipients), then your insurer will likely significantly increase your rates. It’s something you must expect, but it’s also something that your insurance agent can help you control and mitigate.

Upon receiving a DUI charge, tell your Cloverleaf Insurance agent that you are willing to do what’s necessary to help save on costs. Often, your agent can help you review your policy to see if there are any ways that you might be able to save. If your own policy is no longer your best fit, they can also help you research other policies (and other providers) to determine the most appropriate solution.

The good news is, a first-time DUI offense is unlikely to affect your rates forever. You might be able to look forward to stabilization of rates in the future.

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