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May 23, 2018

Have A DWI? Here’s How To Avoid Problems With Your Insurance

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If you get behind the wheel after a couple of drinks, you might put yourself and others at risk. Intoxicated drivers might cause accidents, property damage, and even injuries or deaths. The police punish these infractions seriously.

Since DWI charges are serious, the ramifications might extend to your car insurance coverage. After a DWI, you might see your premiums increase. Some carriers also refuse to cover offenders. So, if you find yourself facing a DWI, work with your insurer to make sure your coverage remains stable.

1. Do You Need To Report The Offense?

Most insurers check your driving record every time your policy renews. This helps them re-evaluate how much risk you pose to them. So, if you’ve gotten a DWI, your insurer will likely find out about it.

You should never attempt to hide the fact that you have received a charge. In some cases, you might need to contact the insurer as soon as you receive the charge. This is often the case when you need to initiate immediate changes to your policy.

2. Will You Have An SR-22 Requirement?

Many states require SR-22 certificates for DWI offenders. SR-22s forms that verify for the state DMV that you have active car insurance. They help show that even though you are a high-risk driver, you have coverage. If you have to get an SR-22, your Cloverleaf Insurance agent can help you file it.

3. Do You Need To Change Insurers?

Many insurance carriers refuse to cover drivers who have DWIs. Others increase policy premiums for offenders.

The good news is that your car insurance likely won’t change until the next time your policy renews. So, if you let your insurance agent know about the offense ahead of time, they can likely spring into action. As an independent agency, Cloverleaf Insurance has access to several different policies and other savings options from multiple carriers. Our agents can help minimize the blow to your wallet.

4. What Will You Do To Not Reoffend In The Future?

One DWI is one too many. Don’t let it happen again. Use the penalty to learn new ways to avoid intoxicated driving. Seek professional help, such as driving courses or counseling.

A DWI is irritating enough. You don’t want to face other hassles with your insurance as well. So, use the penalty as a way to work on settling your affairs. The better grasp you have on the penalty, the better you can move forward without few problems.

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