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February 13, 2013

High Risk Auto Insurance: Tips for Getting Affordable Rates for a Sports Car

Do you own a sports car? Insuring a sports car can be very expensive, especially if you have been classified as a high risk driver. If you are looking for affordable Missouri High Risk Auto Insurance rates for your sports car, we can offer you cheaper rates. 

Before applying, you should understand that high risk insurance is granted to those people with bad driving records and/or living in high crime areas. If you are a teenager, you might qualify depending on the state you reside. Consideration is put on drivers with an expensive sports car that might require custom made rates. Insurers will examine applicants in order to determine which insurance package is best.  

As a high risk driver, you will pay more compared to an average driver, although there are things that you can do to bring down your insurance costs. The first thing to do is settle all your pending fines, if you have any, through the local motor vehicle department who will clear your past driving records. Secondly, talk to your insurance service provider and ask for free advice and quotes to enable you to decide the best rate that suits you. Taking a refresher-driving course can help to improve your rating and warrant you a better insurance deal for your sports car.

You should also aim at increasing the annual insurance premium from the basic $250 to $1,000 and make savings up to 40% on your deductible amounts. Changing the type of car you drive to a low risk model that comes with enhanced security features like anti-theft systems, speed limiters and airbags lowers the insurance costs as well. 

If you have an existing renters or homeowners insurance policy provider in place, buy your insurance cover through them as you might qualify for up to 15% discount. The insurer will be able to advise you on whether to drop either comprehensive or collision coverage, or both, if the car is worth less than your deductible and annual premium.

There are high risk auto insurance providers that are reputable and have a huge online presence. You will need to compare their rates. These are not standard insurance rates and the variance can run up to a few hundred dollars. Compare the different packages available online and ask if they have special discounts for driver qualification and mileage, before settling for the most affordable.

You can also call a Cloverleaf Insurance agent today at (800) 530-5822 to get a free high risk auto insurance quote from a knowledgeable professional will answer any insurance question that you may have before buying insurance for your sports car.  

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