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April 15, 2020

How Long Do You Have To Have SR-22 Insurance?

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SR-22 insurance comes about when a driver commits certain traffic violations, and a court requires them to carry an SR-22. An SR-22 is different than SR-22 insurance. An SR-22 is a form that states a driver carries the correct amount of car insurance, as required by state law. SR-22 insurance is simply term for the insurance carried by a driver with an SR-22.

So how long do you have to carry SR-22 insurance?

As for the insurance itself, you are required to carry a certain amount of car insurance if you intend to drive. There are no exceptions to this rule. Each state has different requirements, however. In Missouri, you must carry at least:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident
  • $10,000 in property damage liability
  • $25,000 in uninsured motorist per person
  • $50,000 in uninsured motorist per accident

Whether you have an SR-22 or not, you must carry this insurance in order to drive legally on Missouri roads. Be sure to check your state’s specific requirements.

How Long Do You Need An SR-22?

The amount of time you must carry an SR-22 depends on the violation that led to the requirement. On average, drivers with an SR-22 in Missouri must carry the form for one to three years after the requirement is issued. Certain violations, such as DUIs, can extend this term. During this period, you must not have a lapse in car insurance coverage. A lapse in coverage could result in legal repercussions as well as lead to your insurer dropping your policy completely.

Keep in mind that an SR-22 form is not a replacement for insurance or an insurance statement. You will need both in order to fill your SR-22 requirement.

How Much Is SR-22 Insurance?

An SR-22 form is relatively affordable. And it may be purchased through your insurance agency. The form costs between $15 to $35 and is a one-time payment.

Car insurance while you have an SR-22 is another story, however. The SR-22 isn’t what raises your car insurance rates. Rather, the violation that led to the SR-22 does. Certain traffic violations, such as a DUIs, could raise your rates by 80 percent — or even more. This could mean over $1,000 more every year. While the SR-22 requirement may only last three years, certain violations could last up to 10 years.

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