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January 6, 2022

Never Do This to Your Motorcycle

Riding a motorcycle is an acquired skill completely separate from mechanical skills; yet some motorcyclists tinker with their bikes without the proper education. If you consider yourself a garage mechanic, avoid doing the following to your motorcycle. 

Over-Tighten the Bolts 

Over-tightening the bolts on your motorcycle can cause problems. Most often it leads to stripped threads, but more serious problems can arise if the action of over-tightening is persistent. To avoid this issue, use a torque wrench and the torque settings listed in your bike’s owner’s manual when tinkering with your motorcycle. 

Modify a Motorcycle Permanently 

If you choose to add custom parts to your bike, ensure that all modifications are removable (and don’t forget to keep the original parts!). Why? When it’s time to sell your motorcycle, most dealers will offer the highest trade-in prices for vehicles with their original parts and paintjob. Your chrome accessories and saddlebags add a personalized touch, and then they can be sold separately when you’re ready to sell or trade in your bike. 

Improper Tire Inflation 

Your owner’s manual specifies the required air pressure your bike needs to function smoothly. Under-inflation can cause the tires to overheat and wear, along with creating instability while cornering. Over-inflation can affect your ability to balance and can reduce the life of the tires. Just like with your car, it’s important to keep your motorcycle tires inflated as noted by the manufacturer. 

Forgo Washing 

A dirty motorcycle is susceptible to damage and corrosion from exposure to the elements. Though this problem is worse during the winter months when road salt is laid down, it’s a good habit to regularly wash your bike. A little bit of elbow grease may eat away some of your time, but it helps prevent costly damage to the intricate components of your motorcycle. 
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