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September 7, 2022

Tips to Prevent a House Fire

On average, over seven billion dollars’ worth of damage occurs every year due to fires. Fires also cause the loss of life every day. Consider the following tips to avoid a fire from igniting in your home. 

Cooking Safely 

Many fires start in the kitchen. Kitchen fires can be prevented by making sure the kitchen is not left unattended while the stove is being used. If a minor issue arises, it can be easily addressed before it becomes a big issue. When no one is in the kitchen, a minor issue may not be identified until it is already too late. a group of people standing around a fire

Heat Sources 

An increase in fires occurs over the winter months due to use of heat sources. For safe heating, it is important to keep the heat sources away from flammable items. The American Red Cross recommends keeping furniture, curtains, bedding and other flammable objects at least three feet away from heat. 

Matches and Lighters 

Unfortunately, children accidentally set fires by playing with matches and lighters each year. Keep these items out of reach of children. In addition, teach children that they should not play with matches or lighters and if they find any, they should notify an adult immediately. 

Don’t Smoke in Bed 

If you are a smoker, you have probably been told not to smoke in bed. Fires start every year by someone who falls asleep while smoking. These fires can be fatal or cause serious injury to the smoker due to the proximity to the fire origin and the flammable bedding. Therefore smoking when lying in bed or on the couch is dangerous and should always be avoided. 

Following the four tips discussed above will help reduce the likelihood of a fire occurring in your house. Since it is still possible for a fire to start due to another cause, such as an electrical issue or a lightning strike, it is important to have working smoke detectors on every floor of the house. Having a smoke detector in each bedroom is also recommended. Practice fire drills as a family twice a year so everyone knows the fastest way to get out of the house and where to reunite once outside. 

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