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January 16, 2013

What is SR-22 Insurance?

The SR-22 is a certificate of insurance that your auto insurance company files with the DMV to assure that you are covered under an auto insurance policy which fits the requirements of your state. Typically, an SR-22 is required if your driving privileges were suspended for a brief period of time. This could happen in a number of situations – for instance, if you were caught driving without insurance or if you were involved in a DUI or DWI incident, your license might be revoked or cancelled temporarily. In order to be eligible for driving, you will need to file for an SR-22 form. Once you do so, your suspension will be lifted and you can drive again. Having said that, you will be under probation for a fixed duration of time. 

How to obtain an SR-22?

The procedure for obtaining an SR-22 is fairly straightforward. If your license was revoked due to the absence of a valid insurance policy, you will be required to file for one which provides minimum liability coverage. While doing so, you simply have to indicate that you need an additional SR-22 document. Similarly, contact your insurance agency in case of a DUI incident and they will be able to furnish an SR-22. The document contains your personal information, the details of your automobile and driving record along with a statement by your insurance agency which certifies that you have the state required liability insurance. 

How long will you need an SR-22?

The validity of an SR-22 depends on the state that you belong to and the cause of your license suspension. Under normal circumstances, you will need to have an SR-22 validation for three years in most states. However, in the case of a DUI conviction, you might need a valid SR-22 for five years. During this period of time, you must maintain your insurance policy. If it lapses, your insurance company will notify the state and this can prolong the duration of the probationary period. If you fail to renew your insurance policy, your license can be permanently suspended. On the other hand, if your insurance policy remains stable and your driving record is clean during this period of time, you won’t be required to maintain your SR-22 any longer. When this happens, notify your insurance policy and they will terminate the SR-22 after you fill a few forms. 

What happens to your SR-22 if you move to another state?

If you shift to another state within the period when your SR-22 is active, you will still have to fulfill the requirements of the former state. Additionally, the minimum liability limits of your insurance policy will be in accordance with the laws of the former state i.e. the state where you filed for the SR-22. For instance, if you were in Alaska when you filed for an SR-22 and you shifted to Missouri, you will have to fulfill the probationary period as stated by the laws of Alaska. Filing for an SR-22 and maintaining it for 3-5 years is no cakewalk. Nevertheless, if you follow the rules and maintain your insurance policy, you will be free of any liabilities after the stipulated period. For more information on Missouri SR-22 Insurance, call a Cloverleaf Insurance agent today at 800-530-5822. 

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