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October 17, 2018

What To Do After A Severe Driving Charge

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Let’s say that you routinely drive without your driver’s license. Or, perhaps, you make the decision to drive intoxicated. These are among the most severe driving violations you can commit. If you get caught, you must face the consequences. This might include an SR-22 penalty

What’s An SR-22?

The SR-22 is a form that attaches to your auto insurance policy. After a severe driving charge, your state might require you to get this form from your insurer. It will verify that you carry active auto insurance. Thus, you will prove you can compensate those affected by any further mistakes you might make.

Once you get an SR-22 penalty, it will remain on your driving record for a couple of years. If you let your insurance lapse, you will likely see your penalty start over and face extra charges. During the initial term, you might also face increased insurance costs.

Therefore, you have a duty to get the appropriate SR-22 and maintain it. How do you uphold your end of the bargain?

Getting Your SR-22

The process of filing an SR-22 usually is relatively simple. However, the process has to initiate from you, the driver in question.

  • Fully understand the nature of the charges against you. The respective penalties might include license suspensions, probation, driving classes among others. Meet all of these penalties in addition to filing for the SR-22.
  • Contact your insurance provider as soon as you receive the SR-22 penalty. Usually, you will need to file for the form within a certain number of days of getting the penalty. You’ll also need to make sure the state has your form on file. You often have to do so before you can drive again.
  • Make sure your Cloverleaf Insurance agent reviews your coverage with you. At times, you might need to increase or otherwise adjust your coverage. More protection might prove more beneficial to your needs should another infraction arise. If your current insurer will no longer cover you because of the SR-22, let your agent help you look for another policy.
  • Talk to your Cloverleaf Insurance agent about how to keep your coverage active for the duration of the term. You will have to renew your policy on time, pay your premiums, and avoid doing anything that causes your coverage to lapse. Your insurer can often offer you more convenient ways to maintain your coverage.

At the end of the day, an SR-22 penalty will prove a bit of a hassle. However, if you approach the situation with a plan in mind, you can minimize the stress it causes you. Let a Cloverleaf Insurance agent be your advocate during this process.

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