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July 31, 2019

What to Do If Your Home Is Robbed

It really doesn’t matter whether you live in a big city apartment or rural farmhouse—being robbed is stressful. In addition to the fear, you’re now missing precious possessions. Take a deep breath, and try to relax. The worst is over. Yes, it’s unfortunate, but you’re safe. Should it happen to you, follow these steps, in order:

  • Call law enforcement and wait for them to arrive. Try not to touch anything, so they can collect the best evidence possible, helping bring the criminals to justice and secure your possessions

  • File a claim with your homeowners, renters or condo insurance company. Depending on the circumstances, your provider may send someone to inspect your home or conduct more research

  • Stay in constant contact with both law enforcement and your insurance company. Be sure to communicate important findings from one to the other—don’t assume they’re speaking to each other

Before making new purchases, wait to hear back from your insurance provider to see how much money they’ll give you. Note that this is probably tied in with the amount of personal property coverage on your insurance policy. If you think you don’t have enough protection, contact Cloverleaf Insurance 1-800-530-5822 and we’ll help you select the best coverage for your needs.

Once you do buy new items, keep all receipts and packaging—if some of your goods are retrieved by the police and in usable condition, you may be required to send some money back to your insurance provider.

Are You Keeping a Home Inventory?

Come claim time, you better know your stuff!

You’ve likely worked hard over the years to accumulate your belongings, and creating a home inventory could help you recoup money for them if they are damaged after a house fire, tornado, flood or simply stolen.

Cloverleaf Insurance suggests the following to help create your inventory:

  • Take pictures with a digital camera, and note item details when saving photos

  • Walk through your home with a video camera; record the visual of the item and your voice describing its details. Make it a fun family project!

  • Use a mobile app or other software designed to help you

  • Start keeping a record of your possessions now, so you’re prepared if you ever need to file an insurance claim.

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