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April 29, 2020

What You Need To Know About Non-Owner Car Insurance

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Non Owner, Nonowner, Non-Owner, Non Owners: Is This The Same?

Non owner car insurance, non owners car insurance, non-owner insurance, or a non-owners auto insurance policy can be spelled or said differently, but all are the same coverage.

What Is Nonowner Insurance For?

Non-owner car insurance protects you in the event you are driving a vehicle not owned by you. It’s a secondary coverage insurance.

What Doesn’t A Nonowner Policy Cover?

Non-owner car insurance also does not cover your injuries in an accident. Non-owner car insurance doesn’t cover damages to a car you own.

What Does A Nonowner Auto Policy Cover?

If you cause an accident while borrowing a vehicle, a non-owner policy would cover damages to other people’s vehicles and property.

Is A Nonowners Policy Available In My State?

Some states offer a non owners policy. States also have different minimum requirements for car insurance.

Is Nonowner Car Insurance Not Right For You?

If you own a car a nonowner insurance policy may not be for you.

If anyone in your house owns a vehicle(spouse, parent, sibling, child, etc) you’ll be required to be listed on that car owner’s policy as a driver.

Do I Need To Have Nonowner Car Insurance?

Non-owner car insurance is geared toward those who need an SR-22 filing, don’t own a car or have regular access to a car.

What Is The Cost Of Nonowner Car Insurance?

A non-owner policy is an alternative to a regular car insurance policy. The cost depends on factors such as how much coverage you’d like, and your driving history. Nonowner policies are purchased on a per-driver basis, so each person obtains his or her own insurance.

Need Help With A DUI Or DWI?

For drivers who don’t own a car but have incurred major violations such as DUI or DWI, a non-owner policy is away to satisfy the state requirements. If you get a DUI/DWI you will need to get an SR-22.

Can You Help Me With Insurance Coverage?

Drivers without six months of continuous coverage are considered to be high-risk drivers, which leads to higher rates and/or surcharges. Continuous coverage helps you qualify for lower insurance prices.

A non-owner car insurance policy can help you protect yourself against possible financial hardship if you were to cause an accident.

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Top Reasons To Buy Non-Owner Car Insurance

  1. You’re required to show proof of insurance.
    The state might require liability coverage even if you don’t own a car but have a major violation on your driving record. Non-owner car insurance is the answer.
  2. You plan to borrow your friend’s car from time to time.
    If you plan to drive someone else’s car every now and then, it is smart to have basic liability coverage in place.
  3. You’re in between vehicles.
    While you can technically cancel your previous auto insurance policy, swapping it for a cheaper non-owner car insurance policy keeps you under continuous coverage, saving you money in the long run.
  4. You can’t afford a car but still need to drive.
    If you still plan on getting behind the wheel, a non-owner policy will protect you on the road. And by avoiding a lapse in coverage, your auto insurance rate will improve if you own a vehicle again in the future.

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