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August 28, 2020

When Do You Need SR-22 Insurance?

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SR-22 insurance is required only in certain situations for specific types of drivers. Where car insurance is required for every driver, SR-22 insurance is utilized by drivers considered “high-risk drivers.”

High-risk drivers are those who are considered risky to insure due to their likelihood of filing claims. This includes drivers who have:

  • Poor credit
  • Bad driving record
  • DUIs or DWIs
  • Multiple traffic violations
  • An accident without insurance
  • A suspended or revoked driver’s license

If you have any of the above, a court may order an SR-22 requirement.

What is SR-22 Insurance?

SR-22 insurance isn’t actually insurance. An SR-22 is a form required by a state or court after an accident or one of the above violations. This form proves that you carry the amount of car insurance required by the state. State requirements vary. In Missouri, drivers must carry at least:

  • $25,000 in bodily injury liability per person
  • $50,000 in bodily injury liability per accident
  • $10,000 in property damage liability

An SR-22 is not a replacement for car insurance or a replacement for a car insurance statement. Drivers with an SR-22 requirement will have to carry both and show proof to the court and relevant authorities when necessary. Some SR-22 forms are required in order to receive your license back.

How Long Do You Need an SR-22?

SR-22 requirements don’t last forever. Most SR-22 forms must be held between 3 and 5 years after the initial requirement is issued. Within this time, the driver must maintain the required amount of car insurance as well as keep the SR-22 form. Any pause or gap in coverage may result in the insurance provider cancelling the policy and further legal action as the provider is required to send the information to the court that required the SR-22.

Is SR-22 Insurance Expensive?

An SR-22 form on its own is relatively inexpensive. It can usually be purchased through an insurance provider for $15-$25 in a one-time payment. Car insurance after an SR-22 requirement, however, is usually expensive. This isn’t because of the SR-22 itself but because of the violation that caused the SR-22 requirement. As long as an accident is on your driving record, you may pay higher prices. A single DUI or DWI can raise car insurance rates by 80% or more depending on your location and damages or injuries caused as a result of the DUI.

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