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January 21, 2019

Alternatives To Drunk Driving

Ordering A Rideshare

If you drive drunk, you might get a DUI. This outcome could raise your auto insurance rates, lead to license suspensions and cause other undesirable penalties. What can you do to avoid these unnecessary, entirely preventable outcomes?

By simply avoiding getting behind the wheel drunk, you’ll all but eliminate your DUI risks. You’ll put yourself in a less risky position behind the wheel. You’ll also be more likely to keep your auto insurance rates stable over time.

Think about some of the other ways you can avoid drunk driving charges.

1. Arrange A Designated Driver

A designated driver, or DD, is an individual who agrees not to drink, but will operate the vehicle instead. Therefore, because this person remains sober, they will become the party responsible for transporting those who want to drink. With a DD, you can travel without the risk of driving on your own.

2. Trust Someone With Your Keys

If socializing outside your home, give your car keys to someone who you can trust. That person, if necessary, will withhold your keys from you if you appear too drunk. During these social periods, monitor yourself to ensure you do not become too incapacitated. Drink non-alcoholic drinks or eat in productive ways alongside the alcohol consumption.

3. Take Public Transportation

Just because you cannot drive does not mean someone else cannot either. Public transportation offers multiple options that can accommodate inebriated travelers. Most-popular are rideshare options such as Uber® and Lyft®, along with certain others. Rideshare drivers operate around the clock in most major urban areas. Therefore, they are usually readily available to offer a ride when you need one.

Furthermore, you usually do have other options to get home. These might include subways, taxis and buses. Do not hesitate to use these as opposed to getting behind the wheel.

4. Leave Your Vehicle

If you drive to a location and then drink while there, you might wonder how you will get the vehicle home. However, you might not have to worry. In many cases, restaurants or valet services will let you leave your car at a location and return for it when you have sobered up. If you have concerns about your sobriety, ask the management about their accommodations for drivers.

5. Plan To Stay Home

If you drink at home, do not get behind the wheel to go anywhere else. For example, don’t drink and then decide to go out to eat or to another bar. Instead, arrange to socialize within your own home.

With care and a strong sense of self-awareness, you can keep yourself and others safe by not drinking and driving.

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