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July 14, 2020

Car Security In Metropolitan Areas

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Cloverleaf Insurance provides car insurance to drivers in seven states with combined populations of more than 76 million people. They are home to approximately 65 million vehicles and 49 million registered drivers. Most of each state’s population lives in cities, too.

There are plenty of risks that face drivers in metropolitan areas every day. One of them is the risk of car vehicle theft. If this happens to you, your car insurance policy might be able to help you out.

Vehicle Theft In Metropolitan Areas

According to the FBI’s most recent Criminal Statistics, there were an estimated 689,000 vehicle thefts in United States metropolitan areas in 2018. The risk of vehicle theft is much higher in metropolitan areas than rural areas. There were approximately 245 thefts per 100,000 inhabitants in metro areas, as opposed to about 107 per 100,000 in rural areas.

Higher populations often give rise to higher crime rates, including property theft. Urban residents often live closer together than residents of rural areas do. They might also have lower access to secure parking. Furthermore, there is a higher degree of anonymity among a lot of people. So, those who look to steal vehicles might find it easier to find a car and make a clean getaway.

Car Insurance For Metropolitan Drivers

Drivers often must pay a bit more for their car insurance in urban areas because of higher theft or wreck risks. Therefore, you might try to buy less coverage to save a few dollars. However, it’s imperative that you add comprehensive auto insurance to your policy. Though not mandatory in many areas, it can help you recover a vehicle damaged or lost during a theft.

Vehicle Safety In Urban Areas

Even with insurance, there are other things to do to make your car safer in your city. A few simple habits can make you safer from carjacking, vehicle theft or vandalism.

  • Park in lighted areas that allow public parking.
  • If you have access to a garage or deck, then always park inside. Place a sturdy lock on all doors to single-car garages. Some parking companies allow drivers to rent parking for a monthly fee.
  • Never leave belongings visible in the vehicle, even in your driveway. Place items in the trunk or glove compartment and lock them.
  • Never loan your keys or garage codes to anyone you do not trust.
  • Park close to the entrance of your building.
  • Keep your doors locked both when driving and parked. Always arm your alarm system.
  • Consider buying an additional security mechanism, such as a steering wheel lock.

Also, take pictures of your driver’s license, registration, VIN and tag numbers. Make notes of any unique features (like scratches or bumper stickers) on the vehicle. If you ever do have to report a theft, these resources can help you make a police report.

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