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August 14, 2018

The Costs Of Driving Without A License

Suspended License

If your state suspends your driver’s license, they revoke your right to drive. That means you don’t have any permission to get behind the wheel. Still, many people drive without a valid license every day. Basic needs might force them to do so. Yet, the penalties of driving on a suspended license might prove costly. What can you expect if you decide to disregard the suspension?

Accumulating Penalties

You already got one strike by having a suspension in the first place. So, if you drive on a suspension, expect the penalties to get worse. Fines might increase, and the points on your license might go up. You could even face jail time.

Many states add to the length of your suspension as infractions accumulate. That means you’ll have to wait longer to receive an active license. Suspensions can accumulate for years on end. They could even result in indefinite loss of privileges. That might make your ability to regain your license virtually impossible. Until you can drive, seek other forms of transportation. Ride-shares, public transportation, carpools and even a bicycle might prove beneficial.

Increased Car Insurance Costs

Your auto insurer can see your driving record. They’ll likely view a suspension as a signal that you’re a high-risk driver. And high-risk drivers will cost them a lot of money if they file a claim. This is a risk that insurers are not often willing to take.

So, if you have a suspension, you’ll like might see higher premium costs. Insurers might even cancel your coverage.

Driving on a suspension might make the situation even worse – particularly if your insurer finds out. This action could very often lead your insurer to drop your coverage entirely.

Even if you don’t get behind the wheel, the insurance cost might bite. You often must maintain continuous coverage on your car, even if you cannot legally drive it. So, a suspension might mean you pay more for coverage on a vehicle you can’t even use. Your wallet will feel the pinch.

SR-22 Requirements Might Pop Up

Many states levy an SR-22 form for those caught driving on a suspended license. An SR-22 form is a certificate that proves to the state that you have active car insurance. You might have to carry this form on your car insurance policy for a couple of years. It will still apply even when you get your privileges back.

It’s best to avoid an SR-22 in the first place. Though it’s temporary, it might drive up your car insurance costs. Plus, if you commit infractions while driving, the SR-22 will be extended. Getting back to affordable coverage will become less and less likely.

A responsible driver will abide by suspensions. The driver will use that time to take a safe driving course, review local laws and work on becoming a safer driver. It’ll make it a lot easier to prevent this issue in the future.

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